Filter and sort your Facebook content

Gabi answers everything you’d want to know about Facebook, yourself and your friends. It tells you stuff like who’s single, who shared the most popular content this week, who belongs to your groups, etc.

The question generator is fun and interactive. The more you use Gabi, the more questions you get.

The app evolves with you and your social network. It gets to know what you like.


Results are sorted and ranked. With the swipe of a finger, you can browse through the most popular, controversial and relevant content in your social network.

Do you just want to watch videos? Just browse through statuses or events? With Gabi, every category can be viewed on its own. It is personal to your mood and preferences.


Gabi is fully integrated with Facebook. You can like and comment directly from the app without having to leave. You can also tag friends and browse through each other’s comments.

Time filters let you see content shared today, this week, or anytime.

Spotlight your friends

All of your social discoveries are instantly shareable on Facebook. Gabi lets you tag any or all of the friends involved. Sometimes it will be shocking. Other times flattering. Always fun.

You can share these rankings directly onto your Facebook Timeline, catching the eye and interest of anyone lucky enough to be featured. It’s a social spotlight.